Morant Bay Urban Center; the Epicenter of talks

Once again controversy has surfaced surrounding matters concerning the forgotten parish. Now I am starting to think we are not as forgotten after all. The Gleaner published an 'articlette' which seemed to have stirred up many. The title of the article found in the gleaner's Friday, June 23, 2017 distribution, reads: "Exclusion From Goodyear Factory … Continue reading Morant Bay Urban Center; the Epicenter of talks


Rural Jamaica to be Urbanized

I could take personal commendation for propelling change in the parish where I have called home my entire life, but I will credit it to a collective cry from the Paul Bogle spirited people.

The Fate of the Forgotten

I am confused, frustrated and angry at this government, not just the ruling party; more so everybody that wears a jacket with their ties tied at choke's length on a hot Thursday afternoon. I have been lobbying for my parish, yes the forgotten parish, you know it, the same one from as far back as … Continue reading The Fate of the Forgotten


Highway Fever Tek Over Jamaica

Another issue that has beenĀ in the media has again caught my attention, this time it is that of a highway project supposedly intended for destination Portland. Now it is said from reports without being too detailed that this highway was to be stretched from Harbour View in St. Andrew via St. Thomas to Port Antonio, … Continue reading Highway Fever Tek Over Jamaica