The ‘Tail’ of Black Panther and Wakanda

If you ask me to relate contents of the Black Panther movie I'd fail miserably. However what I can relate to is the hype placed upon it. I still cannot say whether or not the movie is worth the rave it has attracted because it has not yet attracted my view. So my first disclaimer … Continue reading The ‘Tail’ of Black Panther and Wakanda


Giving Up- Letting go and letting God

“Giving up is too easy, it’s time for a challenge” are words that I have pinned to my life in an effort to not become a quitter, a push over or even a suck up for the mediocre. Printed on several T-shirts that I wear are these same words signifying how deeply I cherish them. … Continue reading Giving Up- Letting go and letting God

Morant Bay Urban Center; the Epicenter of talks

Once again controversy has surfaced surrounding matters concerning the forgotten parish. Now I am starting to think we are not as forgotten after all. The Gleaner published an 'articlette' which seemed to have stirred up many. The title of the article found in the gleaner's Friday, June 23, 2017 distribution, reads: "Exclusion From Goodyear Factory … Continue reading Morant Bay Urban Center; the Epicenter of talks


Relationship Opportunism

The thought hit me from a blind-spot; I honestly didn't see it coming. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when the 'Eureka moment' happened. Of course many will say that what I am about to say has always been the case, and to this I cannot disagree since I am not attempting to put … Continue reading Relationship Opportunism


 The Clumsy Donkey

There was once a farmer who had many horses but only one donkey. The donkey was used to carry his load while his horses were bred to race. One night the farmer went to sleep and forgot to properly close the barn where all his animals were. When he awoke the next morning all his … Continue reading  The Clumsy Donkey


You and I

I have simply fallen in love, yes something most people can relate to but not a love of this kind. My love is with something that extends to someone: the One. Nature is my love and I enjoy sharing it with the world. Where I live is a portion of paradise, one like no other … Continue reading You and I


Delayed but not Denied- The Power of Purpose

"Every setback is a setup for a comeback" but not all that have come was a setup to set you back. As people we struggle with perception, understanding what is the cause of the happenings in our lives. I am not much of a religious writer but I believe that God has predestined us with a … Continue reading Delayed but not Denied- The Power of Purpose