The Crown That Made Her Queen was made clear to me that a shimmering, fragile crown would have spoiled the glory of the crown she already wore, her hair.


Khajeel’s Maze: the Khajeel Mais X6 Murder Trial

Five years ago it happened, someone somewhere decided to act out of ignorance and impulse. It had to be someone privileged for the disadvantaged of this country have to work overtime all the time to stay in line. I can remember when it happened, I was a student still, going to the very school as … Continue reading Khajeel’s Maze: the Khajeel Mais X6 Murder Trial

Don’t Blush Baby

It was only since recently when an interview was done by an Australian reporter Mel McLaughlin of Chris Gayle that majority of the world heard about cricket being referred to in the form of a sport. On January 4, 2016 Christopher Henry Gayle had just been dismissed from a whirlwind innings where he smashed 41 … Continue reading Don’t Blush Baby