The Fate of the Forgotten

I am confused, frustrated and angry at this government, not just the ruling party; more so everybody that wears a jacket with their ties tied at choke’s length on a hot Thursday afternoon. I have been lobbying for my parish, yes the forgotten parish, you know it, the same one from as far back as I can remember being able to speak, and the situation has not got any better; frankly it has not changed, not even for the worst.

A Road Map of St. Thomas

I have been a resident of St. Thomas all my life, 23 years and counting and I have not seen a reasonable reason to remain committed. It almost feels like the ‘bigger heads‘ have a plan for the parish but in order to execute this plan everyone must evacuate. They need us to all get frustrated and leave for greener pastures. However sometimes it’s not frustration that forces many of us, it’s desperation. Many emigrants of St. Thomas left because they needed to. They ran because their life, their children’s life and their children’s children lives depended on it. In the search for better came some bitter experiences.  Some had to feel what ‘sufferation‘ really is but at the end overcame and have now paved a way for themselves and their families. I recall the Bible story of the four leprous men whom sat at the gate of the Syrian camp thinking to themselves that if they remained by the gate then they surely shall die of hunger and thirst, but if they took the risk and entered into the camp then life MIGHT be theirs (2 Kings 7:3). The truth is, more often than not, we survive when we take a leap of faith for the betterment of ourselves and families and I say so because many of those whom I have witnessed to have migrated from my beautiful, peaceful but unfruitful parish have made better of themselves, not only because they are ambitious and have an instinct to survive, but because they went into the Syrian’s camp.

The Syrian’s camp, let me talk a little bit about that, it is not ALL green grasses over there and most times it never deceives us to be, but what it is, is productive and that is what idle hands need. St. Thomas is literally at the gateway of productivity being a neighbouring parish to Kingston (the place where ‘IT’ all happens) and that is where the parish loses most of its potentials to.There is an imaginary pipeline through which all our meaningful resources flow. Some call the process ‘brain drain‘ but in this case even brainless people get forced through the line due to a lack of attention. While on the note of attention or the lack thereof, we are not being given sufficient attention by those in charge. All our cries seem to have fallen softly on deaf ears. The only true construction that has been noticed within the parish for the past two decades is the building and rebuilding of bridges which continue to be the route on which our resources travel out. I recommend that the next time a bridge is demolished by the wise force of nature; don’t rebuild it, please. Maybe it is God’s way of saying “we need to be separated, set apart and set up our own government“. Certainly we won’t be missed, the country would not be better off or worse without us since its resources are not being used on us anyways.

Another problem with St. Thomas is, those in control of making our decisions and speaking on our behalf don’t even reside within the parish. They may or may not come into the parish three days for each week, they have no real ties to the parish except maybe for a sham business that acts as a front but what is really a false interest and investment in their food basket. We are being represented by people we don’t know,  but most of all these people barely even know us. Our representatives hardly know what our requests are and seem highly unwilling to hear them. With such a lack of common ground and mutuality; St. Thomas is more on a road destined for devastation than the pathway to prosperity.

Let us make our voices heard. We are the government and we need a change.



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