The Clumsy Donkey

There was once a farmer who had many horses but only one donkey. The donkey was used to carry his load while his horses were bred to race. One night the farmer went to sleep and forgot to properly close the barn where all his animals were. When he awoke the next morning all his horses ran away only the donkey remained. The farmer was upset because all the fine thoroughbred horses he had were now gone. He woke up every morning hoping they would return but they never did. The farmer’s donkey had a history of not doing things correctly but nevertheless it was faithful. Out of anger and frustration the farmer resented the donkey. He did everything for it to leave, but the donkey would only become more faithful to the farmer. The farmer even purposely left the barn open so that the donkey would run away but the farmer would wake up the next morning to see the donkey well saddled and ready for the journey. Morning after morning the farmer would wake up seeing this and would eventually become encouraged. One day while out in his farm the farmer spotted the donkey chasing after a wild deer as if it was trained to race, it was then that the farmer realized how good his donkey was at running. The farmer who occasionally raced his horses decided to put his donkey to the test and the other horses it ran against were no match to it. This delighted the farmer whom started treating the donkey with more love even ridding it of some of its heavy load in the mornings. The donkey was still however clumsy and could not get everything perfect.

One morning when the farmer walked into his barn he saw a beautiful horse that perhaps had strayed from another barn into his. The farmer thought to himself that this must be a payback for all that he had lost. He instantly fell in love with this horse which had a beautiful outward countenance. The farmer would spend several hours with this horse before and after he went to his farm daily. He hardly showed much interest in the clumsy donkey anymore, the farmer would just load her up with his belongings and rode his newly found horse to his farm. After several weeks of this the farmer woke up one morning and didn’t see his donkey saddled and awaiting him. He checked the barn but only saw the horse grazing, the clumsy donkey was no where to be found. The farmer still did not grieve much. He tried saddling the horse with his load but it could not carry the weight. Every time the farmer tried mounting the load on the horse’s back it would pine under the pressure and fall to the ground. He woke morning after mornings hoping the donkey would be saddled and waiting but the clumsy donkey never showed up again. That was when the farmer realized he had lost something very special and dear to him.

There are many of us with a clumsy donkey that is only seen for its clumsiness. Think carefully on the worth of the people or things we have around us now that we criticize because one day they might not be around anymore.


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