Khajeel’s Maze: the Khajeel Mais X6 Murder Trial

Five years ago it happened, someone somewhere decided to act out of ignorance and impulse. It had to be someone privileged for the disadvantaged of this country have to work overtime all the time to stay in line. I can remember when it happened, I was a student still, going to the very school as he did. And no, I am not about to defend a brother because I knew of his deeds and where he slept at nights. Frankly if I were to be biased, I would definitely not choose a side because Khajeel and I weren’t friends. In fact, I can remember an altercation we had when I was merely a ninth grade student trying find my place and he was in eighth grade, I suppose trying to do the same. The truth is we weren’t born with instruction manuals; we were made to figure out where and how we fit in this world. Khajeel Mais was only 17 years old, and we don’t know of the struggles he faced in finding purpose, but he did not deserve his death.

Former Kingston College student, Khajeel Mais

The initial report which was made, informed the public that in 2011 a taxi driven by Wayne Wright was shot up in the vicinity of Meadowbrook while transporting the then Kingston College schoolboy, Khajeel Mais. It was also said in that report that the shots came from the driver of a BMW X6 motor vehicle, which was hit by the car driven by the said taxi driver. Business man Patrick Powell was the registered owner of the luxurious motor vehicle and as such was arrested for the murder. Years passed and so did many court dates but there was still no closure on the case. Some people even forgot about the incident while some thought it was ‘swept beneath the carpet’ but eventually in October of 2016 the trial originally labeled the X6 Murder Trial resumed.

A lot can change over the course of five years and certainly a lot has, including heads of government and the statement of the prime case witness: Wayne Wright. As a nation let us not be too hard on the then poor taxi driver who must have been shaken up by a matter much bigger than the size of the car he had hit on that evening in 2011. Mr. Wright deserves to be cut some slack for his slackness. He is not worthy of the condemnation certainly being issued to him by many of us. I have desperately searched for consolation and certainly I have found one for the key witnesses, Wayne Wright. It is in the interest of many, perhaps most to get their heart’s desire and for most people this is something materialistic or that which money can buy. As the title given to Patrick ‘businessman’ Powell suggests, he is willing and always able to negotiate. There is no doubt in my mind that Khajeel’s shooter falls below this credential; he was not a negotiator. This only proves one thing to me, that the shooter of 17 years old Khajeel Mais was already free. Patrick ‘businessman’ Powell being was merely standing in the gap awaiting his inevitable fate.


Eyebrows were raised at the depth that Patrick’s defense team was willing to go to have him acquitted of the charges placed on him, by turning the attention from the incident and putting it on the ‘troubled teen’ who had cases before juvenile court. They did their homework and so should we. Certainly there is no need to be surprised of the not guilty verdict issued to Mr. Powell for there is hardly nothing that the cost of a BMW X6 could not do for a lowly taxi driver. It certainly made him act a fool and be all confused in court when he was asked to match up his initial statement. This case exposed the intended gaps in our justice system, which were drafted to suit those who are privileged to afford a fixed verdict. Mr. Wright must have acted upon the premise that ‘a dead man tells no tale’ and the only winners that can come from a life losing situation were the ones who survived. Whatever relief from pain Khajeel’s family would have felt if justice was served in its fair proportion would not have made Mr. Wayne a better man or a hero to someone. He would have only been seen as a key murder witness or just another poor taxi man. But in losing the case and perhaps weight, I pray that Khajeel’s family does not lose faith that the correct killer will be brought to justice by the Perfect Judge.


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