The Election Saga

Alright so it might start to seem habitual to wait until the sun has set on headlines before sharing my views but this time was not so deliberate. I have been preoccupied in matters much greater so even though I wanted to catch a little heat I was prevented from the blaze.

Jamaica’s General Election

In not many words, a mouth full of nothing. The campaigns for the February 25 election started briefly in 2015 before pausing for a most worthy cause, however it sharply resume from where it left off early January 2016, you could hardly believe it had halted. Political motorcades, mass rallies and debates are only but a few of what traditional Jamaican politics is encompassed with, other not so popularly promoted gestures include handouts, buy-outs and lie-outs.

As Jamaicans we are immune to everything that is politically affiliated. Politicians are like fairy-godparents whenever it’s the election season even if we hadn’t seen them in the last five (5) years and will never see them again all we want to know is that they are here now in our communities, knocking at our doors and making empty promises. The warmest gestures are made and the kindest words used around that time every 4-5 years. The words become very light and easy to slide from the hips, lips and fingertips.

In every election that I can recall it has been loaded with assaults, faults and failures. One party has always thrown fiery darts in an effort to call out the other in lip servicing never seemingly satisfied with making their actions do the talking, another traditional aspect of our politics. The spotlight is switched from the citizens as if it was ever on us and focuses on the parliamentarians and their projections but because five (5) years is always too little time to visit each community within a constituency and hear the people’s cry it is only convenient to do so explicitly in a month leading up to the election; the art of time management. The people are tied to their feet and drag around the country on a band of wagons in support of their parents and grandparents decision to have chosen a party to follow, hardly anyone have plausible reasons to be an avid supporter of either party during their electorial campaign but who cares. The Jamaican people are fatten on promises, it is always about which leader can make the most outrageous plan: to make every Jamaican a citizen of a another land. Over the years violence has also been a constituent part in representation politics but it lessens as the years go by, now the people respond more readily to the beat of the drums. It is party time every time the waves hit the shore, one of the main reason Jamaicans are voted happiest people on the planet.

But there are citizens who are now starting to learn the tricks of the trade that is being played at the helm, studies have shown that less than 50% of the voting population had voted in the 2016 version of the elections, a crisis figure. Persons are now aware that all the words spoken in the heat of the debates get caught in the fire and perish and that the only sure thing is failure to fulfill promises. All the monies are pumped into preparing the country for a grand illusion, patching roads and clearing the road ways so that person living beyond reach can come out with ease to exercise their Democratic right, I mean what is the sense of having the right to choose without choice. Some persons seize the campaign opportunity to deceive authority by collecting as much money and fun as possible but for today we feast because tomorrow shall be a fasting.

It was always a wonder to me how so many Jamaican people got time off from their jobs to become active pawns in political motorcades but it is revealed to me that the millions I have seen patrolling the streets are still mostly potential employees. Politics in our country is fueled upon monstrous patriotism, like your favorite football teams in the league. The allegiance to a particular party is vowed until death, even throughout hunger and extreme hardship, the pledge is to remain die-hearted.

The 2016 election has seen the Jamaican government changed hands which simply signifies that the opposition has outbid the leading party and as Jamaicans we should just sit in anticipation of another general election. Stay tuned.


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